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There are many reasons why homeowners throughout Los Angeles and all of California are choosing to install permeable paver driveways. Not only do they add to your curb appeal, but they are much more environmentally friendly than traditional asphalt or concrete driveways. Permeable pavers minimize runoff such as oil and chemicals that can pollute waterways. With sustainable pavers, water drains down through the gaps between them into a crushed stone bed, and then into the soil below. Each layer acts as a filtration system. From there, grass grows through which creates an aesthetically pleasing, living paver driveway!

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Advantages of Sustainable Paver Driveways:

  • Increase curb appeal and add greenery
  • They never crack or break
  • Reduce water demand because pavers are placed on grassed areas
  • Environmentally friendly by filtering out pollutants from water
  • Reduce erosion which happens when grass is dry or dead
  • Many styles and patterns to choose from
  • They are pedestrian friendly and slip resistant
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Cost competitive
  • Mitigate toxic runoff of pollutants and chemicals

With permeable pavers, water is naturally absorbed into the ground. This is why they are becoming more popular especially in both flooding and drought-prone areas. Help keep polluted stormwater out of the sewer drains and promote a clean, clear and healthy environment. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our professionals today!

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