Los Angeles, CA Sustainable Green Driveways

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Drivable Grass Permeable Pavement Driveways

Green Grass Driveway InstallDrivable Grass is the new generation of environmentally friendly concrete products and is the perfect solution for your permeable pavement design needs. It is ideal for a wide variety of sustainable projects including parking lots and driveways in residential and commercial areas. These permeable, flexible and plantable concrete paving systems promote superior root penetration and moisture containment beneath the surface, promoting a healthy turf. At Permeable Driveway Solutions, we can save project costs and limit the impact to the environment, while providing the intended structural support needed for daily use.

Design & Installation Experts

Golf Range Green PaversWhere reduced water consumption is a consideration, our Permeable Driveway Solutions and Green Development Practices can be professionally designed and installed with a variety of alternative planting and aggregate infill options. We are your reliable source for permeable, sustainable, and plantable Low Impact Development and Construction. Contact us for information about our new "ZERO Maintenance Strategy" Drivable Turf Green Infill. We are ready to assist you with expert design and a highly qualified installation team.

Excavation, Grading & Compaction

Excavation ServiceWe provide our clients with full service and high-quality site preparation, excavation, grading and soil compaction. Whether you're a homeowner looking to create new sustainable design space, or constructing a large master planned development project needing to meet engineered grading and slope retaining requirements, our team at Permeable Driveway Solutions in Los Angeles, CA is ready to collaborate. Call 866-503-1921 today for a free quote!

Plantable Retaining Walls

Plantable Retaining WallsNothing beats Verdura Retaining Wall Systems for strength, versatility, and plantability! The Verdura wall can be used for a wide range of projects from small homeowner design needs to large-scale developments up to 50' high. The system offers a fully plantable face that softens the visual impact of retaining structures, transforming engineered hillsides into a natural environment with attractive vegetation.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Sustainable Irrigation InstallationThe plants you want, the water savings you need! Featuring Netafim Integrated Drip Irrigation Systems. For any residential or commercial project, our professionals at Permeable Driveway Solutions will deliver the accurate support needed to our customers. "Water-Wise" advanced applications and environmentally sound use of water, while offering successful ease of maintenance. Call 866-503-1921 now for a FREE comprehensive irrigation evaluation.

Permeable Interlocking Paving Stones

Permeable Interlocking Paving StonesInstalling a Designer Permeable Driveway with interlocking Paving Stones adds tremendous value and unmistakable beauty to your home. Paving Stones Systems are modular, meaning that they connect together to create a variety of geometric design patterns and boarders. Designer Permeable Paving Stones last for years, will not crack, and make a bold statement adding aesthetic curb appeal. The system comes in several colors and can be categorized as a structural BMP (Best Management Practices) for low impact development and ease of maintenance.

Permeable - Cast In Place - Concrete Pads

Permeable - Cast In Place - Concrete PadsWe offer custom formed concrete designs. A properly installed "cast in place" permeable concrete driveway can be used in a wide variety of project types. Reinforced concrete pads are a budget-friendly option, and can be easily formed in any size, shape or pattern desired. Add texture and color to create a stylish Architectural Driveway while uniquely integrating walkways, patios and step. Concrete designs are relatively low maintenance and highly durable. Infill options include River Stones, Pebble Rock, Gravel, Grass or Artificial Turf.

Erosion Control and Drainage Solutions

Erosion Control SystemOur mission at Permeable Driveway Solutions is to provide simple and reliable solutions for biofiltration, infiltration and storage options to meet the City and State required Storm Water Mitigation Plan for Low Impact Development-Best Management Practices. We use Soil Retention Plantable Concrete Systems which can help reduce the flow of urban stormwater run-off of toxic chemicals and contaminants from entering the Santa Monica Bay. We can assist in Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects that require approval for LID/BMP development.

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